He deals in almost anything and everything that is antique and/or collectible.  If he can buy and turn and sell it to make a profit then he is in his element.  He has a lot of antiques to choose from, so be sure to stop by his many locations. See the listings for events, times, and great deals.

Because Steven travels year round, we suggest if you are seeking a specific product to call the office and inquire which location or show he will be at and whether your specific item is there. If what you seek is not local, we can bring it to the nearest show location. And always, if we don't have it, we can try to find it for you!

Mr. Wheeler does his business of buying and selling antiques and collectibles up and down the east coast while doing antique shows as far north as Brimfield, MA to as far south as Mt. Dora, FL.


Wheeler & Dealer

Business owner Steven Wheeler has been involved with the antiques business ever since he was a young boy. He often gave up time that should have been spent doing other things (such as school!) to wheel and deal antiques. Since those early days in his career, he has grown into a business owner of One Stop Antiques, Inc., based out of Marietta, Ohio, and Madison Antique Emporium, located in Madison, NY.
    *Lighting   *Architecture Interior/Exterior  *Outdoor  *Fencing  *Furniture  *Antiques of all types!